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Article Listing | Search Articles | More Articles in Master Planned Community Sales Agent tips | More Articles by By Shirleen Von Hoffmann, President Homebuilders AdvantEdge

WHY FOLLOW UP IS A MUST IN THIS MARKET for Master Planned Community home sales.

by By Shirleen Von Hoffmann, President Homebuilders AdvantEdge - 06/10/2009
"Most Sales Agents don’t look forward to follow up but if you want to close the sale, it’s usually necessary. Think of follow up as something you can do to get more sales and make more money that should make it an easier task."
Most Sales Agents don’t look forward to follow up but if you want to close the sale, it’s usually necessary. Think of follow up as something you can do to get more sales and make more money that should make it an easier task. The more organized you are in advance with your marketing material, the easier it is to follow up. Few potential customers will decide right away and before spending a lot of money to buy a home, prudent people prefer to think the matter over or look around quite a bit. Your job is to get prospects who have left your community to come back again and that’s where follow up comes in. If you don’t follow up, you will probably become a blur in their memory like the rest of your competition.
Distinguishing Hot from Cold Leads Before you decide to follow-up on any new contact, you should have some way to determine which ones even merit the effort. For example, some people will waste your time and never buy. They may not know what they want, or they may be trying to cleverly get free ideas from you. Others simply don’t know how to give a direct “NO!” Remember that every moment wasted on a dead end can be used to find a promising new contact.
A cold prospect doesn’t ask for details, doesn’t give eye contact, doesn’t show interest or give you buying ques, is vague and non committal throughout the presentation. They may be just looking at decorating or spending an afternoon getting remodeling ideas. In any case you should still follow up with a Thank You and a buyer referral program flyer.
A warm prospect may be someone who has a house to sell but really wants to buy a new home. You can help them with follow up on tips to sell their home and they will appreciate that kind of follow up. You can also refer a Realtor to them for some advice on listing. You don’t want to lose contact with these prospects and they can be your insurance for sales in the future. Send them 5-10 marketing pieces in a six month period and a phone call every two-three weeks just to check in.
A hot prospect may be someone who is ready to buy, a first time homebuyer possibly. You want to really focus your follow up marketing on these prospects. They should get a minimum of 10-20 marketing pieces and one phone call a week from you in a in a six month period. Once a week contact is essential and marketing can be gauged if you are getting them back in the door or hearing from them.
All prospects should get a Thank You and a buyer referral program flyer!
Types of follow up
Usually the best follow up tool, right of the bat is a “Thank You” phone call. After that a personalized letter “Thanks for visiting” or some other follow up is great! Email and faxes are great too but can be easy to ignore or be missed by the prospect. Phone calls are quick, convenient and allow you to get instant feedback from your prospect. If you don’t reach your prospect find a time that you can call back rather than leaving a message. Try to set goals for each conversation before you make the call and leave some reason to follow up again with the prospect.
If you want your prospect to remember you and your community, you might look for creative ways to keep in touch. Having learned much about your prospect during your initial meeting, you can pass on information about their sports, activities, children, pets, community interests. The more personal you make the follow up, the more your client will appreciate it and the more you will start to build rapport.
Here are twenty topics ideas you can use to follow up with;

Great financing details

Builder Specials

Sporting facilities

Children’s sports and interests


Golfing, baseball and football facilities

Walking & Hiking Trails

Shopping Centers

Local lakes, parks & recreation

Local Business, restaurants

Upcoming Community Events

Past buyer comments on living in your community.

Flyer showing the Tips for listing and selling your home.

Flyer showing the Tax advantages of homeownership

Local Veterinarians

Local Hospitals & Doctors

Lists of employers in your community

Builder list of communities

Builder Resume and list of accomplishments

A letter asking for the sale
Finally, keep careful notes pertaining to each of your calls, follow ups and any details that will help you keep track of your work. You never want to send the same thing twice. You will need to create a system that works for you.
Follow Up for a close
There’s no point in following up unless you are pressing to close the sale each time you make contact. “Touching base” is not enough and is for sales amateurs. You however are a top producer and know that you need to move the prospect closer to the sale each time you follow up in order to get the sale!

Shirleen Von Hoffmann is President of Homebuilders AdvantEdge a National New Home Sales Training firm located in Northern California. Homebuilders AdvantEdge specializes in New Home Sales Training, Secret Shopping, Builder Consult, Sales Seminars and one on one coaching for New Home Agents. Call us today and let us help you get an “EDGE” over your competition in 2009!
Call us at (866) 600-EDGE or find us at
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